Department of History

“Analysing Post Building Future”

About The Department

The department of History at D.A.V College Bathinda is committed to high academic standards in teaching, research and dedicated to understanding and explaining history. The department was established in 1969. The course of Post Graduation in History was started in 2010. Our goal is to educate students at both the undergraduate and post graduate levels in Historical theories, methods and concepts.

Courses offered:

Under Graduation

Post Graduation

Those who served the Department

Sr. No. Faculty
From To
1 Prof. S.K Bhatia 10.07.1969 31.07.1997

Faculty of the Department 

Sr. No. Faculty
From To
1 Prof. Sandeep Bhatia  01.08.1998  Till Date 


The Department of History continuously made efforts to promote understanding and love for History through teaching, research, preservation and outreach activities conducted from time to time.  The Department aims to educate its students for a life of learning and achievements built upon awareness and appreciation of the past and its relationship with the present.

Eminent Academicians / Visitors to the Department

  • Sh. Satish Kapoor, Principal Khalsa College Jalandhar and eminent Historian
  • Ms. Manju Malhotra, Punjab University Chandigarh
  • Sh. S.D. Gijrani, Punjabi University Patiala
  • Sh. Kulbir Dhillon, Punjabi University Patiala
  • Dr. Paramjit Singh Romana, Central University of Punjab, Bathinda
  • Sh. Sukhdev Singh Sohal, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar

Post Graduate Departments of DAV College Bathinda Organise Farewell Party.

The students of Post Graduate Classes (M.A. I) of DAV College, Bathinda organized a Farewell Party for the M.A. II students of the college. The programme commenced with the welcome of the senor students. The programme was graced with the benign presence of Principal Dr. Rajeev Kumar Sharma, Vice Principal Prof. Parveen Kumar Garg, Registrar Dr. Satish Grover, Staff Secretary Prof. Kuldeep Singh, Head Department of History Prof. Sandeep Bhatia, Head, Department of Punjabi Prof. Ravinder Singh and Head, Department of Political Science Prof. Pawanpreet Singh and the faculty members.

The students extended a warm send off to their seniors by organizing various fun filled games and in their euphonious voices overwhelmed the gathering and brought alive the reminiscences of their college days. As a token of love and remembrance, they conferred titles on their seniors. Satinder Kaur won the title of “Miss Farewell English” and Shubhpreet Singh received the title of “Mr. Farewell English”; Simranjot Kaur won the title of “Miss Farewell Political Science” and Deepak Kumar won the title of “Mr. Farewell Political Science”; Manjeet Kaur won the title of “Miss Farewell History” and Gurmeet Singh won the title of “Mr. Farewell History”.

Principal Dr. Rajeev Kumar Sharma showered his blessings on the students and congratulated them for organizing this cultural fiesta. Wishing luck to the students in their endeavours, he stated that their Alma Mater has armed them with the requisite tools to improve their skills and instilled amongst them elevated ethics. These life skills will thus strengthen them to confidently make a foray into the competitive world and explore infinite opportunities available in various fields.

DAV College Bathinda organised an Extension Lecture on Life and Ideology of Shaheed Bhagat Singh. (23-3-2024)

The NSS unit in collaboration with Department of History of DAV College Bathinda organised an Extension Lecture on “Life and Ideology of Shaheed Bhagat Singh” by Prof. Gursewak Singh, Assistant Professor, Department of History, DAV College Bathinda.

Prof. Gursewak dwelled deep in the biographical details, anecdotal history, ideology and principles of the great martyr whose life history is an inspiration for the youth. He is a recognised folk hero even nearly after a century of his valorous and lion hearted death sacrifice for the cause of nation. The story of his martyrdom was elaborated to arise the feeling of nationalism and patriotism amongst the students .He appealed the youth of the current time to read and follow his ideology to serve for some national cause. Around 150 students enthusiastically listened to the lecture.

The Principal of the College Dr. Rajeev Kumar acknowledged the efforts of Head, Department of History Prof. Sandeep Bhatia, NSS Coordinators Prof. Amit Kumar Singla, Dr. Prabhjot Kaur, and Dr. Amar Santosh Singh, Prof. Roop Singh, and Prof. Bagicha Singh for arranging this stimulating and vitalizing lecture on the eve of martyrdom anniversary of the hero of all ages Shaheed Bhagat Singh. Prof. Pawanpreet Singh, Prof. Harjinder Singh and Prof. Lakhveer Singh graced the occasion with their benign presence.

DAV College Bathinda organises a Guest Lecture on the Birth Anniversary of S. Bhagat Singh.

(28 Sep., 2023)

On September 28,2023, The Department of History, DAV College, Bathinda in association with IQAC and ICC organised a guest lecture by Dr Paramjeet Singh Ramana celebrating the birth anniversary of S. Bhagat Singh. The Vice Principal of the College, Prof. Parveen Kumar Garg, Registrar Dr. Satish Grover, Prof. Sandeep Bhatia Head, Department of History, Prof. Vikas Katia, Prof. Kuldeep Singh welcomed Dr. Ramana. Prof. Roop Singh handled the stage.

Dr. Ramana remarkably enunciated the biographical anecdotes of the great warrior S. Bhagat Singh commemorating him on his Birth Anniversary. He eloquently detailed the students about his Ideology, narrating multiple incidents of national importance and conveyed about the relevance of knowing this inspirational figure here and now. His oration spellbound the students who were then more inquisitive about reading his Ideology.

The Principal of the college, Dr. Rajeev Kumar Sharma admired the efforts made Prof. Sandeep Bhatia, Prof. Roop Singh, Prof. Gursewak Singh and Prof. Bageecha Singh for arranging for the day. Prof. Gursewak Singh presented the Vote of Thanks. Prof. Atul Singla, Prof.Munish, Dr..Amar Santosh Singh, Dr. Ranjeet Singh, Prof. Gurdeep Singh, Prof. Ramil Gupta, Prof. Ravi Nagpal graced the function with their benign presence.

M.A History (Sem I) Students Perform Well in the University Examinations. (21 Aug., 2023)

The M.A History (Sem I) students of DAV College Bathinda scored well in Punjabi University Patiala Examinations. Navjot Kaur stood first and Dakshi and Gurmeet Singh stood second in the University Examinations.

The students expressed gratitude to the dedicated and committed faculty and staff of the college for their expert guidance and motivation.

The Principal Dr. Rajeev Kumar Sharma congratulated the students and stated that hard work is the only key to success. He congratulated the Head, Department of History Prof. Sandeep Bhatia, Prof. Roop Singh, Prof. Gursewak Singh and Prof. Bagicha Singh on the meritorious results of the department.

DAV College Bathinda Observes Martyrdom Day of Chandra Shekhar Azad (27 Feb 2023)

The Post Graduate Department of History, DAV College Bathinda observed martyrdom day of Chandra Shekhar Azad by organizing a guest lecture. The lecture was delivered by Sh. S.S. Mishra. The guest was accorded a warm welcome by the Principal Dr. Rajeev Kumar Sharma, Head, Department of History, Prof. Sandeep Bhatia and the faculty members of the History department.

Sh. S.S. Mishra introduced the students to the life and philosophy of the Indian revolutionary freedom fighter Chandra Shekhar Azad. He made the students aware of the great martyr’s crucial role in the independence struggle of India, his valour and ultimate sacrifice for our nation. He exhorted the young brigade to draw inspiration from the exemplary life of the great martyr and dedicate themselves towards selfless service of the nation.

Prof. Sandeep Bhatia, Head Department of History, informed the students about the doctrines and the principles which governed the life of Chandra Shekhar Azad. He advised them to follow suit and lead a righteous life by always working for the progress of the nation.

Principal Dr. Rajeev Kumar Sharma appreciated the efforts of the Department of History for organizing this informative lecture. He stated that lectures on the freedom fighters inform the students about the sacrifices laid by the martyrs and kindle the fire of patriotism amongst them.

The stage was conducted by Prof. Roop Singh. Prof. Gursewak Singh and Prof. Bageecha Singh extended the vote of thanks. Dr. Amarsantosh, Prof. Munish, Prof. Ramil Gupta, Prof. Manpreet Kaur and Prof. Prof. Manpreet Punia graced the occasion with their presence.