Master of Arts (MA) History

Course Duration :  2 years(4 Semesters)


Student should have passed B.A. (with History) from Pbi. Uni. or any other University recognized by UGC.

Number of Seats: 1 Unit

Career Prospects:

After doing this course students can go for research in history & there are so many opportunities in the field of teaching & jobs after clearing competitive exams.

Programme outcomes:

PO 1. Students will learn basic narrative of historical events, chronology, personalities and turning points of the history of the India, World and Punjab.

PO 2. Students will have the ability to apply historical methods to evaluate critically the past and how historians and others have interpreted it.

PO 3. Students will be able to acquire basic historical research skills, including (as appropriate) the effective use of libraries, archives and databases.

PO 4..Students will evaluate of historical ideas, arguments and points of view, presentation of a summary of a topic in an organized, coherent, and compelling fashion orally or written.

PO 5.Students will be able recognize how different individuals,groups, organisations, societies, cultures, countries and nations have affected history.

PO 6.The student should have an effective comprehension of the History of the World, Nation and the state in order to have a clear understanding regarding the Connectivity between different parts of the world.

PO 7. The programme willpromote the skills required like critical thinking and objective understanding for becoming a scientific historian among students.