Bachelor of Science (Medical/Non Medical)

Course Duration :  3 years(6 Semesters)

Eligibility Conditions :

The Candidate must have passed SSC-II examination of the School Education Board of Punjab, Haryana, H.P. or C.B.S.E. or any other examination recognized by Punjabi University as equivalent thereto.

Number of Seats: NOT SPECIFIED

Career Prospects:

Students after doing Graduation in Science can get job in the field of Medical, Teaching, Laboratories, Private & Public Undertakings, they can do Post Graduation in Science etc.

Programme Outcome of Chemistry Subject:

PO 1.The wide approach of the programme will ascertain the enhancement in the knowledge in the various fields of chemistry through theory and practical.
PO 2. Acquiring skills in problem solving, critical thinking and analytical reasoning.
PO 3. Understand the Laboratory Safety measures and practices.
PO 4. Perform qualitative and quantitative chemical analysis, chemical synthesis and use of modern chemical instrumentation.

Programme Outcome of Mathematics Subject:

PO 1. Acquire good knowledge and understanding in advanced areas of mathematics and statistics, chosen by the student from the given courses
PO 2. The student will Be able to recognize the power of abstraction and generalization, and to carry out investigative mathematical work with independent judgment.
PO 3. The student will be able to communicate effectively about mathematics to both lay and expert audiences utilizing appropriate information and communication technology.
PO 4. The student will understand, formulate and use quantitative models arising in social science, business and other contexts.
PO 5. After the completion of this course students have the option to go for higher studies i.e. M. Sc and then do some research for the welfare of mankind.
PO 6. After higher studies students can join as scientist and can even look for professional job-oriented courses.
PO 7. Students after this course have the option to join Indian Civil Services as IAS,IFS etc.
PO 8. Apart from the research jobs, students can also work or get jobs in Marketing, Business & Other technical fields. They also recruited in the bank sector to work as customer service executives. Students can also find employment in government sectors.
PO 9. The student will be able to recognize the importance of compliance with the ethics of science and being a responsible citizen towards their community and a
sustainable environment.

Programme Outcome of Zoology Subject:

PO 1. The students gain knowledge and develop skill over animal sciences, understands the interactions among various living organisms.
PO 2. The programme helps the students to understand internal structure and functions of cell and various cellular organelles.
PO 3. The B.Sc. course helps the students in Understanding of ecological factors, environmental conservation processes and its importance, pollution control and biodiversity and protection of threatened species.
PO 4. The programme helps the students in gaining knowledge about applied fields like sericulture, fisheries, apiculture, poultry and dairy farms.
PO 5. The programme enables the students in tissue preparation, molecular and statistical techniques.

Programme Outcome of Botany Subject:

PO 1. The range of plant diversity in terms of structure, function and environmental relationships.
PO 2. The evaluation of plant diversity.
PO 3. Plant classification.
PO 4. The role of plants in the functioning of the global ecosystem.
PO 5. Students learn to carry out practical work, in the field and in the laboratory.

Programme Outcome of Physics Subject:

PO 1. Rise above the stigma that Physics is difficult to comprehend.
PO 2. Under stand how Physics applies to phenomena in the world around them.
PO 3. Recognize how and when Physics principles can help address problems in the coursework.
PO 4. Apply relevant physical laws to a given problem.
PO 5. Communicate effectively via oral, visual and written formats to diverse audiences.
PO 6. To find practical applications of physics principles for the betterment of the society.