Department of English

“Literature …irrigates the deserts that our lives have already become” C. S. Lewis


The Department of English came into being with the inception of the college in 1969. Ever since its inception, the department has continuously been evolving and keeping itself abreast with the latest in the literary and the academic world. With a view to make a significant contribution to a larger societal appreciation of literature and culture and evincing positive feedback from the students, the department initiated the following programmes:

Under Graduation: 1969
Post Graduation: July 2012
English Honours : July 2010

To provide apposite pedagogy, thereby fostering appreciation for life in all forms and creativity crucial for language and literature.

• To help students build knowledge of the content and methods of literary studies.
• To help the students acquire communicative competence, thus using language as a tool to create global harmony and peace.

Faculty of the Department
The faculty of the department is a harmonious blend of experience and youthful vivacity. The department has groomed students whose merit resounds in the academic and literary world. Following is the list of the faculty members who served, are serving and have made significant contribution:

Sr. No. Faculty Members Period
From To
1 Prof. D.C.Bansal 01.01. 1979 23.01.1994
2 Prof. Rakesh Jain 01.08.1977 15.09.1995
3 Prof. B.R. Goyal 10.07.1972 31.07.2000
4 Prof. P.K. Gupta 15.07.1970 31.10.2001
5 Prof. Asha Kumar 20.07.1976 28.02.2006
6 Prof. S.P.Jain 10.07.1972 31.12.2008
7 Prof. N.K.Gosain 07.09.1973 28.02.2010
8 Dr. J.S.Anand (Lecturer) 31.01.2000 15.07.2004
9 Dr. J.S.Anand (Principal) 16.07.2004 31.01.2015
10 Dr. H.S.Arora 31.01.2000 Till date
11 Prof. Satish Grover 03.08.2000 Till date
12 Prof. Karampal Kaur 09.07.2002 Till date
13 Dr. Neetu Purohit 24.12.2015 Till date
14 Prof. Neha Sharma 20.05.2017 Till date
14 Prof. Heena Bindal 04.09.2019 Till date
14 Prof. Gurdeep Singh 04.09.2019 Till date

Disseminating Seeds of Wisdom

Trip to Book Fair (24.11.2022)

The Post Graduate Department of English in association with the Department of Library Science organized a one day tour to the “Book Fair” at Punjabi University Patiala. To inculcate a love for reading and enlighten the students about the rich repository of writers and publishers, the Readers’ Club members were taken to the book fair. The students expressed their exhilaration at being given this opportunity to visit the fair and witness the wide variety of books, ranging from literature, science, religion, culinary skills and many more.

Principal Dr. Rajeev Kumar Sharma stated that Book Fairs are festivals which infuse the readers hearts with joy and empower them with knowledge, creativity and learning. This trip was thus organized to let the students familiarize themselves with a wide variety of books and the rich world of authors.  He appreciated the efforts of Dr. Satish Grover, Head, Department of English and Prof. Neha Sharma, Assistant Librarian for organizing this trip and accompanying the students. Dr. Neetu Purohit and Prof. Anita Rani also accompanied the students. The library staff members Mr. Anoop and Mr. Pritpal escorted the faculty members and the students.

“Avenues in Media Communication”: Resource persons  Prof. N.K.Gosain (Guru Kashi University, Talwandi Sabo) and Mr. Sukhmeet Bhasin, (Mediaperson, The Tribune) Delivered the Lectures (05.05.2022)

“Critically Engaging With Literature”: Extension lecture by Dr. Umed Singh (Chairperson, Department of English, Chaudhary Devi Lal University, Sirsa) (12.04.2022)

“Reading Literature: Criticism As a Creative Practice”:  Extension Lecture by Dr. Rajesh Kumar Sharma (Head, Department of English, Punjabi University, Patiala) ( 26.11.2021)




The Post- Graduate Department of English, DAV College Bathinda screened two short movies, named “The Wall” and “Run With Me”on Feb 17,2020.




“Vocabulary Enrichment and Language Proficiency”: Dr. Ashwani Rana (Department of English, CT University Ludhiana) (14.02.2020)




The Post- Graduate Department of English of DAV College Bathinda screened short movies, named “JOYCEE”, “Detour” and “Move On: Life of a Woman”.Short movies present to us the microcosm of the world we are living in and offer a complete narrative in a short space of time. Teaching the valuable lesson of optimism, the movies made the students cheerful and gave them a new perspective on life. (24.10.19)




“English Language in Indian Context”: Extension Lecture by Dr. Nakul Kundra (Department of English, DAV University Jalandhar) (31.10.2018)





  •   The PG Department of English organized a National Seminar on “Diasporic Indian English Literature: Issues and Concerns” on March 28, 2018. The seminar was inaugurated by Dr. Rajesh Sharma, Professor, Department of English, Punjabi University, Patiala. Dr. Shivani Thakar, Department of Distance Education, Punjabi University Patiala was the chief guest on the occasion. Dr. H.S. Arora read Dr. Bhim Singh Dahiya’s inaugural address in his absentia. Dr. Bhim Singh Dahiya is the former Vice Chancellor of Kurukshetra University. Due to his ill health, he could not attend the seminar. He presented an overview of Diasporic Literature.




  •  “Literature and Postcoloniality”:  Extension lecture delivered by Dr. Ajay Verma,(English Department of PG Studies, Punjabi University Regional Centre, Bathinda)(21.02.2018)




  • “Literary Theory: An Introduction”: Dr. Narinder K. Sharma, Assistant Professor, DAVIET Jalandhar, delivered Ththe lecture (25.04.2017)



  •   Dr. Renu Gupta, Associate Professor, Department of English, DAV College Jalandhar delivered lecture on “Smart Tips For Appearing In Exams” on (25.04.2017)
  •  Dr. Rabinder Powar, Department of English, Punjabi University Patiala delivered lecture on the topic “ Diasporic Poetic Expressions Under the Spectre of Globalisation” on 22nd Nov.,2016.




  • Dr. Jaspreet Mander, Department of English, Punjabi University Patiala delivered lecture on “Multiple Thematics in Margaret Atwood’s Surfacing” on 11th Mar.,2016.



  •  Dr. Rajesh Kumar Sharma, Department of English, Punjabi University Patiala delivered lecture on, “Reading Literature: Why, What and How?” on 14th Oct.,2015.




  • Dr. Rupinder Kaur, Department of English, Punjabi University Patiala delivered lecture on, “Relevance of Literature in the Age of Science and Technology” on 20th Mar.,2015
  • . National Seminar on “Radical Fiction in Indian English Writing”, was  organized on 22nd  Nov.,2013. Chief Guest for the seminar was  Dr. B.R Dahiya, formerly vice chancellor of Kurukshetra University and Sh. Anand Prakash from Delhi University.




  •  Principal Dr. Bimlanshu Shekhar Mullick, Village Badal, delivered a lecture on “Shakespearean Tragedy and His Tragic Heroes” which was held  on 3rd Sep,.2013.




III. National Seminar on “Pop Culture and Literary Studies”, organized on 17.11.2010.“

Bidding Adieu- SAYONARA

  • Tea Party Organized for the outgoing M.A-II students (20.07.2022)


• Farewell Party “SAYONARA-2017-18” organized for the MA final students of English. Kamaljit Kaur and Vinay Goyal Adjudged as “Miss Farewell” and “Mr. Farewell on 01.05.2018

  • Sayonara” 2016-17 organized for the MA final students of English. The “Miss Farewell” award went to Lovedeep and “Mr. Farewell” to Sandeep. The “Super Girl” award was given to Barjinder.