Vision and Mission

Our Vision 

To impart education that will groom students to become responsible global citizens, while retaining their Vedic values, Indian philosophy and ethos. We aim at turning our institution into a hub of intellectual activism and are committed to promote an array of accessible, affordable, responsive and high quality education totally in gear with needs of the challenging world.

Our Mission  

  • To provide a wide range of holistic education to the youth by homogenizing the western knowledge while remaining anchored to the cultural moorings.
  • To nurture creative and resourceful individuals who care for the nation and the weaker sections of the society and are amply imbued with humanistic zeal, passions and values.
  • To bridge the rural-urban divide, thus, taking benefits of education to poor and marginalized sections of society, irrespective of caste and creed.
  • To promote and inspire a feeling of fraternity, national integration, religious harmony and secularism for achieving holistic development of the students through academic excellence and professional competence.