Learning Management System of D.A.V College, Bathinda

Introduction: Electronic Learning Management System (E-Module) has been designed for providing e-contents related to syllabi of various courses running in the college. This user friendly module uses the Google-Classroom facility and can be accessed by our students and faculty-members from their mobile phones and PCs. We have created e-classes for each department and these classes are further subdivided for each teacher of the department. Teachers can contribute in this module by using their gmail-id.

Google Classroom:

It is a free service for institutes, non-profit organizations and individuals with a personal gmail account. It makes easy for students and teachers to connect with each other using internet. It saves time, paper, efforts in distributing assignments and stay organized.

Vision: To facilitate our students with best of latest teaching-learning technology.

How to Use:

For Students: Students can access the e-module App on their mobile phones. The gmail account is required for accessing the E-module. Thereby, using the class codes for each class, students can join their respective classes. A student can join any number of classes from the same app. A teacher can also add or remove any number of students in a class. They can also access the e-module from the gmail account directly by selecting the google classroom app from the menu (placed at the top right corner of the web browser).

For Teachers: All departments have been assigned an individual platform, which is further divided for each teacher of the department as topics. The contents contributed by a teacher will be shown under his/her name in that class. Following features have been provided by the google in it:

*We can now move posts to the top of the Stream in classes.
*We can now choose how to present Classwork items.

* Index of all the contents is available for quick access.

Benefits of this facility:

It enables the students to download, print, revise the teaching material related to their courses.

  • Easy to set up – Teachers can add students directly or share a code with their class to join. It takes just a few minutes to set up.
    Saves time – The simple, paperless assignment workflow allows teachers to create, review and mark assignments quickly, all in one place.
    Improves organization – Students can see all of their assignments on an assignments page, while all class materials (e.g. documents, photos, videos) are automatically filed into folders in Google Drive.
    Enhances communication – Classroom allows teachers to send announcements and start class discussions instantly. Students can share resources with one another or provide answers to questions on the stream.
    Affordable and secure –It contains no ads, never uses the contents and student’s data for advertising purposes.

Click here to enter  E-ClassRoom :-       E-Module

Class Codes:

Department  Class Codes
Physics vqkgfx
Chemistry o8u83r
Botany & Zoology 8420ky
English om6vwyr
English(New) w0prfb
 Commerce g9p363
 Commerce-II unsdvku
 Commerce-III rdb9rr
 Punjabi  q04739
 Punjabi(New)  kt8wk0
 History  td8za32
 Computer Science vfwpwl
 Computer Science(New) hnbn4k2
  Math iv0pc7v
  Economics  lpvyqd4
  Political Science 1xukhjf
  Hindi 4h4crc
  Physical Education 4n3ntfm
  Sociology lqkyg3
  Music aepuu4p

E-Module Team:

Dr. Kulwinder Singh Mann(9417325696)

Prof. Pawan Kumar(9417743559)

Prof. Ramil Gupta(8288050690)