Biological Society

Biological Society (BIOSOC)

Our vision is of a world that understands the true value of biology and how it can contribute to improving life for all.


BIOSOC is committed to ensuring equal opportunities in the life sciences, and supports diversity throughout the pipeline, at school and higher education, in the workplace.

  • To address the important issues of conservation of soil and water
  • To address the important issues of climate change & global warming
  • To create awareness on environmental issues.

Opportunities & Activities

We aim to provide opportunities for students to expand their understanding of biology through field trips, conferences, seminars, workshops, career seminars, Poster Making Competitions, National Science Day celebration, Conservation & Plantation initiatives.

Activities Undertaken by Biological Society

Activities 2022-23 :

Educational Trip to Pushpa Gujral Science City

The Post Graduate Department of Chemistry of DAV College Bathinda organized an educational trip to Pushpa Gujral Science City, Kapurthala for the students of B.A, B.Com, B.Com (Hons.), B.SC. Med/Non Med., B.B.A and B.C.A-II. As many as 270 students were taken on the tour on November 29, 2022, accompanied by 10 faculty members. The trip was organised under the stewardship of Dr. Gurpreet Singh (Head, Department of Physics) and Prof. Meetu S. Wadhwa (Head, Department of Chemistry).

The trip was organized to sensitize the students towards issues concerning degradation and purposeful utilization of technology to manage environmental issues. Dr. Barjinder Singh Bhalla (Principal, Scientific Officer (Scientist D), Pushpa Gujral Science City, Kapurthala) delivered a lecture on Environment Awareness and Sustainable Development. He introduced the students to the technique of Rain Water Harvesting and the use of FAB technology for sewage treatment. Students visited the plant and were acquainted with solid waste management and the climate changes occurring all over the world. A surge of excitement ran among the students on experiencing the flight simulations, space voyage, 3D movie showing the cures for various diseases and visiting the dinosaur park.

Dr. Gurpreet Singh and Prof. Meetu S. Wadhwa stated that the objective behind organizing this educational trip was to help students gain a practical knowledge of the various concepts studied in classrooms. They also thanked the faculty members for their cooperation and teamwork. The faculty members accompanying the students were Dr. Paramjeet Kaur, Dr. Neha Jindal, Dr. Prabhjot Kaur, Prof. Neha Sharma, Prof. Amrinder Singh Panesar, Prof. Shamsher, Prof. Amit Sharma, and Prof. Ramandeep Singh.

Principal Dr. Rajeev Kumar Sharma encouraged and cheered the students at the Science City. He appreciated the team work of the faculty members of various departments for meticulously organizing the trip. He said that such educational trips provide hands on knowledge and enhance the learning capabilities of the students.

Activities 2021-22 :

Farewell Party

Navjot and Deepankar Crowned As Miss and Mr. Farewell, DAV College Bathinda

The students of B.Sc II, DAV College, Bathinda gave a warm sendoff to their seniors (B.Sc. III) by organizing a farewell party for them.

Great fervor and vivacity pervaded the whole atmosphere. The day was an ensemble of group dance, solo dance, singing, poetry recitation, ramp walk and laughter, wherein the students exhibited multifaceted talents and made the whole atmosphere come alive. Adorable titles and gifts were bestowed on the outgoing students by their juniors. The students walked the ramp, participated in the talent round and question-answer session with wit and intelligence. The evening witnessed the crowning of Navjot Kaur as Miss farewell and Deepankar Rai as Mr. Farewell. The Ms. Charming and Mr. Handsome titles were conferred on Preeti Yadav and Deepak Meena respectively.

The B.Sc. students thanked the Principal Dr. Rajeev Kumar Sharma, Head, Department of Physics Dr. Gurpreet Singh, Head Post Graduate of Chemistry Prof. Meetu Wadhwa, Prof.Aman Malhotra, Dr. Parveen Bala, Prof. Kulwinder Singh Mann, Dr. Sukhdeep Kaur, Prof. Pawan Kumar, Prof. Rajesh Batra, Head, Department of Botany Dr. Kriti Gupta, Head Department of Zoology Dr. Amar Santosh Singh, Head, Department of Mathematics Prof. Atul Singla, Dr. Paramjeet Kaur, Dr. Neha Jindal, Dr. Prof. Harpreet Kaur, Dr. Amandeep Kaur, Dr. Ranjit Singh, Dr. Vikas Duggal, Dr. Pooja Rani, Prof. Aanchal, Prof. Amandeep Kaur, Prof. Amrinder Singh Panesar and Prof. Chanderdeep Singh for their gracious presence.

The Principal Dr. Rajeev Kumar Sharma blessed the students for their bright future and a successful life ahead. He stated that farewells do not mean an end but a new beginning. He advised the students to work hard in order to realize the dreams and hope of their parents and wished them success in their future endeavours.

Educational Trip to Pushpa Gujaral Science City

Activities 2018-19 :

  1. A Tree Plantation drive was organized by NSS, Botany Department  and Physical Education Department on 20th Sept.,2018.
  2. Poster Making Competition was organized for an Anti-Drug Programme( Buddy Programme) on 15th Sept.,2018.

Activities 2017-18 :

  1. National Science Day Celebrated on 27th Feb.,2018. Model Making Competition was organized on the eve of National Science Day.


2 A Tree Plantation drive was organized by NCC, NSS and Botany Department on 9th Aug.,2017

Activities 2016-17 :

  1. National Science Day Celebrated on 28th Feb.,2017. Poster Making Competition was organized on the eve of National Science Day.
  2. A Tree Plantation drive was organized by NSS and Botany Department on 19th Aug.,2016.250 saplings were planted in the College Campus.

Activities 2015-16 :

  1. Biological Society of Biology Department celebrated National Science Day on 28th Feb.,2015.Poster making competition and Slogan writing competition was organized. In this competition students of B.Sc (M) I,II,III are participated in Poster making competition and Slogan writing competition.