Funds and Finance Strategies

College strategies for mobilization of funds and the proper utilization of resources

Institute adopts strategic plans for the mobilization of funds and resource. Various committees of the institute, the Department Heads and Accounts office are involved in it. Institute has designed some specific rules for the fund usage and resource utilization.
• the student Tuition fee is one the major sources of income for the institute.
• Various Government and non-government agencies like ICSSR, SERB-DST, CISR and DBT have time to time contributed the institution financially.

Utilization of Funds
• The committee is constituted to monitor funds for various recurring and non- recurring.
• The Principal and the committees ensure that the expenditure lies within the allotted budget.
Resource Mobilization Policy and Procedure
• As the financial year begins, Principal and Heads of Departments plan the budget expenses such as salary, electricity and internet charges, stationary & other maintenance costs etc.
• The grants received by the college are also audited by certified auditors.
Optimal utilization of resources

• The faculty receive substantial grants for R&D works or for strengthening the infrastructure in the institute
• Travel grants are sanctioned to faculty to present research papers at various Conferences.

• The college infrastructure is utilized as an examination centre for various Examinations.

Finance Policy of College