Best Practices

There are many best practices of the college leading to quality sustenance and enhancement. Some of them are enlisted as under
1. Mentorship program
2. ICT enabled teaching learning
3. Teachers participation in faculty development, syllabus restructuring, evaluation, examination reforms etc.
4. Holistic student centric practices in the college.
5. Gender sensitization programs in college.
6. Clean and environment friendly campus.
8. Contribution of alumni in college development.
9. Celebration of important days in the college like International Women Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Independence day and Republic Day etc.
10. Outreach programs conducted at individual, departmental and college level.
Out of these two best practices of the college highlighted as under:

Best practice 1:

Title- Financial Aid to the Needy and Deserving Students
To give a supportive hand to economically weaker, needy, and deserving students.

Context- Being situated in the Malwa region which is known as the cancer belt of the state, the college enrols bulk of students coming from families afflicted with this disease. Some of them have lost their mother/ father or both parents, which causes disruption in education due to lack of funds. The institution keeps on contacting philanthropists, its well-placed alumnus, NGOs, and social organizations for monetary assistance in the form of scholarships.

Evidence of Success:-

  • Maharishi Dayanand Award of Academics & Sports Excellence
  • Mahatma Hans Raj Scholarship for Women Empowerment
  • Mahatma Anand Swami Siksha Scholarship

Best Practice II: Inculcating Environmental Consciousness amongst Students

  • Recyclable bags, stainless steel, and glass utensils are used in the college canteen instead of plastic bags.
  • For official use and other communication purposes, emails, e-corner, digital notices, WhatsApp, etc. are used to minimize the use of paper. ·
  • NSS organizes many activities such as a cleanliness drive under Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan and tree plantation every year.
  • Environmental Science is taught to the students to create environmental consciousness among them.
  • The college maintains a botanical garden.
  • During this year, first time,Flower show has been organized at college/ city level to inculcate environmental consciousness among students and general public