Appraisal System

DAV College, Bathinda strictly follows the UGC Regulations on Minimum Qualifications for Appointment of Teachers and other Academic Staff in Universities and Colleges and Measures for the Maintenance of Standards in Higher Education-2010” (Regulation No. F.3-1/2009 dated June 30, 2010), together with all amendments made therein from time to time, for its teaching and non-teaching staff.

The performance of each employee is assessed annually after completion of one year of service. The objective is not only to objectively evaluate the performance as per established norms, but also to identify potential aspects for improvement that can eventually lead to further progress and growth of the employee.

The salient features of the performance appraisal system are as follows:

Teaching Staff

The performance of each faculty member is assessed according to the Annual Self- Assessment for the Performance Based Appraisal System (PBAS). Promotions are based on the PBAS proforma for UGC Career Advancement Scheme (CAS) that is based on the API score.The institute undertakes a wide range of activities besides academics, for which faculty members are assigned additional duties and responsibilities, which are mostly voluntary. The Institute accords appropriate weightage for these contributions in their overall assessment.The faculty members are informed well in advance of their due promotion.The PBAS proforma filled by the Faculty Member is checked and verified by the Heads of the Departments, followed by the Dean IQAC. Faculty members whose promotions are due are recommended based on their API score and are required to appear before the screening-cum-selection committee.

Non-Teaching Staff

All non-teaching staff are also assessed through annual confidential reports and annual performance appraisal.

The various parameters for staff members are assessed under different categories i.e. Character and Habits, Departmental Abilities, Capacity to do hard work, Discipline, Reliability, Relations/Co-operation with superiors, subordinates, colleagues, students and public, Power of Drafting (where applicable), efficient organization of documents (in case of Ministerial Staff) and technical abilities (in case of workshop staff).

The comprehensive Annual Confidential Report comprises of 32 parameters. Each one of them is graded on a seven-point scale, i.e., Excellent, Very Good, Good, Highly Satisfactory,

Satisfactory, Average and Poor. The overall assessment is based on the cumulative grade by the Reporting Officer/HoD, which is then forwarded to the Director by the forwarding officer.

On satisfactory performance, all employees are granted promotions and financial upgradation under the ACP Scheme.

The Annual Confidential Report and the Performance Appraisal System has significantly helped in the evaluation of the performance of employees, in motivating them, analyzing their strengths and weaknesses and ensuring better performance.


Proforma for CAS