Dr. Parveen Bala

NAME : Dr. Parveen Bala 
DESIGNATION :  Assistant Professor
EXPERIENCE : 20 years
Email id : parveen_bala@yahoo.com
Contact No.: 94639-35353


List of Publications

  1. Bachan Singh, Nisha , Parveen, S.S Bhardwaj and P.S. Sidhu (1991) Phosphate adsorption by soils as affected by various anions Indian J.Agric chem..XXV(3); 161-170
  2. Mahl , B.S.H Kaur Parveen Bala and S.S Bhardwaj (1992) Measurement of excess volumes of cycloalkanols +cyclohexane,+ benzene,+ toluene, and+ p-xylene at 308. K fluld phase Equilibria 71:313-320
  3. Parveen Bala ,B.S. Mahl , H.K. Mahl and S. S Bhardwaj (1993) Excess volumes of pentanol-2. And 2-Methyl butanol-2 with some n- alkanes at 308.15 K.fluid Phase Equilibria 85:217-233
  4. Parveen Bala , S.S Bhardwaj , P.S. Sidhu and Bachan Singh (1995) Effect of ionic strength on phosphate adsorption by soild .J. ind.soc. soil sci.43 (3):342-346
  5. Parveen Bala ,S.S Bhardwaj P.S.Sidhu and Bachan Singh (1996) Effect of ionic strength on phosphate adsorption by soild .J. ind chem. Soc .73:654-658
  6. Parveen Bala S.S.Bhardwaj and P.S.Sidhu (1999) Kinetices of phosphate adsorption by soild at different temperatures. Asian journal of chemistry 11(3):996-1000.
  7. Parveen Bala , S.S Bhardwaj and P.S. Sidhu (2000) Effect of electrolyte pH on phosphate Adsorption by soild .Asian journal of Chemistry 12(2) :394-398

Research Papers Presented in Conferences

  1. Parveen Bala and , S.S. Bhardwaj and (1993) Effect of supporting electrolyte on phosphate adsorption by soild Proceedings of the 12th conference of ind. Council of Chemists, Warangal (Abs.No. P 0-9)
  2. Parveen Bala ,S.S Bhardwaj and P. S. sidhu (1993) Effect of ionic strength and nature of cations on phosphate adsorption from soild. Annual convention of chemists, Jaipur (Abs No.Phys.0-16)
  3. Parveen Bala 1990 Thermodynamic studies of some binary liquid mixtures M.S.c. P.A.U Ludhiana
  4. Parveen Bala 1993 Effect of anions ionic, strenghth and pH on phosphate adsorption by soild Ph.D .P .A .U.Ludhiana

Paper Published

  • “Effect of temperature on phosphate adsorption by soils,” Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry, SP1: 461-465, 2019

Paper Presented/Published in National Conference Proceeding

  • “Effect of Temperature on Phosphate Adsorption by Soils”, National Conference on “Emerging Scenario in Basic and Applied Sciences for Sustainable Development”, DAV College, Bathinda, 5th April, 2018. ISBN: 978-93-87276-93-2