Principal’s Desk

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.” Plutarch

Education plays an integral role in the realization of one’s intrinsic self, strength, and potential being. In the ever expanding global world, the youth should be better equipped with the requisites of reason, knowledge and a passion for exploring avenues beneficial towards the development of society. Envisaging the inherent talent of an individual, DAV College Bathinda always aims at offering an educative, stimulating environment to cater to the inquisitive reservoirs of students and enable them to meet the challenges of a competitive globalized world. The dissemination of knowledge at DAV works in tandem with the principles laid down by Swami Dayanand Saraswati and entrenches in the students the tenets of perseverance, allegiance and necessary impetus to endeavor till the goal is achieved.

The precincts of DAV College Bathinda resonate with the harmonies of a distinguished history of its founders, predecessors and alumni. It is a matter of sheer delight that students from all parts of Malwa region of Punjab vie with one another to seek a seat in this institution and the college makes all concerted efforts to meet their expectations.

The college offers an exceptional breadth of academic choices which are up-to-date, and are directly relevant to the needs of industry, commerce and public sector. Keeping abreast with the changing times, the curricula has been designed in such a way that it empowers and strengthens our traditional courses with IT, with emphasis laid on hands on practical skills, societal concerns and employability. Thinking in a neoteric manner and carrying out the transformation and change without disturbing the continuum in tradition has always been the sole objective of DAV. Facilitated with conducive, state of the art infrastructure and excellent academic support services, the college is known far and wide and has become home to thousands of the young crusaders of knowledge. The placements of students in reputed companies is yet another milestone achieved by the institution thus catering to the students as well as the society. The attainment of awards by the students by the highest chairs in India, winning trophies at national and international level, participation in various clubs constituted in the college, involvement in noble ventures are some of the unparalleled features which tap the boundless talent and promote a sense of solidarity and integrity amongst students.

DAV Bathinda offers you a vast space of trust and support, where you can work with undeterred energy, clarity and focus to maintain and enrich the enviable academic legacy. I am sure when a vision begins to form everything changes. Let us together steer our academic ship to safe harbors.Wishing you the best in life!!

Welcome to the DAV family!

“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future” Franklin D Roosevelt