Bachelor of Arts

Course Duration :  3 years(6 Semesters)

Eligibility :

1. The candidate must have passed SSC-II, examination of the School Education Board of Punjab, Haryana, H.P., C.B.S.E. or any other examination recognized by Punjabi University as equivalent thereto.

2. Students with a reappear in +2 exam can seek admission in B.A.I, provided they pass +2 exam before appearing for 1st semester examination.

Number of Seats: NOT SPECIFIED

Career Prospects:

After completing the course a student can appear in any competitive exam, pursue for higher studies or get placement in Banking, Insurance Sector and Teaching etc.

Programme Outcome of English Communication Skills subject:

1. On successful completion of the Programme, the students will be well versed both in oral and written communication as they have a sound knowledge of Grammar and its usage.
2. They will be familiar with the conventions of diverse textual genres including fiction, non-fiction, prose, poetry, etc.
3. It offers diverse choices and options in the field of advanced studies. With the development of their writing skills and finesse of style there is a possibility of the students emerging as perspective writers, editors, content developers, teachers, public relation officer, etc.

Programme outcomes of History Subject:

1. Students will learn basic narrative of historical events, chronology, personalities and turning points of the history of the India, World and Punjab.
2.Students will be able to recognize how different individuals,groups,organizations, societies, cultures, countries and nations have affected history.
3. Students will be able to construct original historical arguments based on primary or secondary source material.
4.Students will acquire basic historical research skills, including, effective use of libraries, archives, and databases.
5.Students will be able to organize and express their thoughts clearly and coherently both in writing and orally.
6.The programme of History gave the students, wisdom and foresight for the future.

Programme Outcomes of Political Science Subject:

1. Explaining the meaning of Political Science and its Nature and Scope. Understanding the difference between Political Science and Political Theory.
2. Discussing the Relationship of Political Science with History, Economics and Sociology.Explaining the Meaning of State and its Elements. Making the distinction of Government, Society and Association from State.
3. Evaluating the Theories of State: Social Contract and Evolutionary Theory.
4. Critically Analysing the Liberal and Marxist View of State and Functions of State according to Liberal and Socialist Perspective.
5. Analysing the concept of Sovereignty. Critically examining the Monistic and Pluralist theory of Sovereignty.

Program Outcome of Sociology Subject:

1. Students will be able to think sociologically about the relationship between social structure and its institutions.
2. Students will observe major sociological theories & apply them in their day to day life.
3. Sociology will enable the students to think analytically and rationally about social issues.
4. Students will be able to practice humanitarian values in their life.

Program Outcome of Physical Education Subject:

PO-1: The BA Programme enhances the confidence of the graduates through carefully chosen Curriculum with emphasis on practical learning, activities and close interaction with teachers and fellow students.
PO-2: The Programme does not restrict the graduates to one specific lane. It empowers them to appear for various competitive examinations or choose the post graduates Programmes of their choice.
PO-3: The BA Programme enables the students to acquire the knowledge with human values framing the base to deal with various problems in life with courage and humanity.
PO-4: The students are given exposure to creative environment which sparks their thought process and help to think of the solutions of various issues in life to make this world a better place to live.
PO-5: Use of ICT helps in providing experiential learning which deeply embeds and has long lasting impact.
PO-6: This programme prepares them well to explore and avail opportunities available.
PO-7: The programme lays the foundation to become a responsible citizen and meaningfully contribute to society.